Monday, July 23, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 It's a little overcast today on Momo's Birthday....luckily I have this great cap that Aunty Tiffy made for me.
 Aunty Tiffy is the Bubble Master. I hope the bubbles don't get to close to her hair.
 I'm going to test this out for our friends.
 And this pinata as well.
 I'm going to wear this while my friends hit the pinata. You can never be too careful.
 I better help Koto try this thing out.
 Let me get this right..........smash the princess in the face.....get candy.
 All my friends want candy.
 All this good food is always a big hit at our parties.
 I blew sooooo many bubbles the bouncy jumpy thing collapsed.
 Thank you for the splendid cake Mommy!
 Now don't be touching my cake friends.
 Delicious as usual!
Hey Zen Zen, we can show this picture at our wedding someday.