Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ryokan (Japanese Traditional Inn)

After a long tiring walk in Nara, we came back to Ryokan in Kyoto.  Ryokan is a traditional Japanese Inn typically consists of nice hot springs and delicious traditional meals.  This particular Ryokan had black tatami, which was usually green.  Very modern touch, I must say.

'Nough about explanation, LET'S EAT!!!

Oops, sorry, Grandpa, I was just making sure your food looked as good as mine.

Seafood dish

Caramelized fish and smoked duck, with Spring vegetables and sushi

Baby Squid and mustard

Japanese Wagyu beef!!

This is how they were all presented~!

Okosama (Children's bento) Dinner with Yakisoba noodles, Spring rolls, croquette, sashimi, and hamburger meatloaf!

 After the dinner, some of us enjoy a nice hot bath in the big Onsen (hot spring) room.  Sorry, no pictures from there. ;P

This is where I'm sleeping.  Look, I marked it with my Precure bag right next to it!

G'night, Kyoto!

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