Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We saw many monks just like him in Kyoto.

I found Mommy and Momo!  Can you?

Japanese Duty Free Shop!

After walking up hill for about 7 minutes, we're finally here!

Niou-mon is the red gate where two wooden warrior statues guard.  They are located in the green area.

Let me entertain those scary warriors!

Right at the gate, we found pretty pink flowers blooming!

Peach Blossoms!

Now we're off to see the famous "stage of Kiyomizudera Temple."  It's 13 meters high!!

That's not it.

Ahh!  Here we are!!

It's tilted a little, so watch your step!

We can see Kyoto Tower from here.

This is right below us.

Hey, Sis!  It said, "Do Not Enter"!

This is how it looks from the side.

I wasn't afraid of heights...until I looked below and it looked like this.

They said they didn't use a single nail putting these pillars together.  Amazing!

Too bad we couldn't see the Cherry Blossoms this time.  I'm sure it would have been magnificent.

We decided to skip this because they were soooo many people.  It looks very nice, though.

The view from here is not so bad, either!

Family picture with Uncle Ken☆

This reminds me...

Ice cream!!!

This cracker (Yatsuhashi) was so hard I could hardly chew.

I can eat ice cream nice and clean!

What'dya say???

Wow!  What a big Taiyaki pancakes!


Just did it the Japanese way~!

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