Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Secret Agent Koto

Having Fun at the Beach!

Enjoying the California Sun♪

No! It Can't Be!!!

Joining the Darkside....

First Homemade Melon Pan of 2012

Koto's Hobby

Music is in our blood♪

I'm going to be....

A Princess!!

A Bride!!!

The Very First Train Ride of 2012

California Girls☆

LA's New Year's has been sooo hot!!

Koto Perry loves to wear bikinis and tankinis!

Wait, that line is from Snoop Doggy's.

Monkey Sisters

Balance Master Koto

Balancing Koto

I'm not a Monkey!

Happy Year of Dragon!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It's the Year of Dragon, so mom made this year's Osechi (Japanese traditional New Year's Food) with Dragon Kamaboko!

Leftover Kinton (Sweet Potato & Chestnut dish) and Kuromame (Sweetened Black Beans) turned into tasty cupcakes as well!!