Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

On New Year's Day....

...we always go to...

Take a wild guess!

Don't be so rude, Koto.

We are at Oshogatsu (New Year's Day) Festival in Little Tokyo!!!

Shall I hold your hands?

No! I will hold yours, Sis!

We got so nervous talking to....

Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park!!
I got so nervous I had to collapse in the stroller....

We saw our friend's mother perform an awesome karate move!


Other events were fun, too!

Meeting my friend was better!

I completely agree with you. Dressing up in kimono with my friends were more fun!

You always have to put it better than me. Fine, I'll just go run somewhere else!

Wait up, Koto! I'm not done eating this mochi yet!

Somewhere as in the Japanese Temple?

Yes...and I guess I'm grounded...

Look! Daddy and I can make the same face!!

Koto, smile, or make a funny face towards the this!

This year, Mommy made Osechi, the typical Japanese New Year's Food in this elaborate box, for the very first time. Each dish represents good luck for longevity, money, study, work, etc. She also made the tasty Ozouni, the soup we drink on New Year's.

She made fishcakes into pink and white bunny because it's the year of Rabbit! How clever is that?!

After dinner, we made some Japanese sweets called Zenzai with Shiratama (white mochi balls).

I helped mommy make these! It was really fun making these round balls, and lightly flatten them. It takes skills!!

Well, I helped eating them!!

What a great day it was!

We wish everyone we know will have a wonderful year this year!

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