Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shichi-Go-San 七五三

Shichi-Go-San 七五三 literally means 7-5-3. It is one of Japanese festivities when we celebrate children's growth and wish for continuous health and happiness. This is meant for Three and Seven years old girls, and Five (or sometimes Three) years old boys, thus, the celebration is called Shichi-Go-San.

They used to count the newborns as 1 year old, so they used to practice Shichi-Go-San when the children were Two and Six years old for girls, Two and 4 years old for boys. Some families still honor this tradition, but most of my friends were celebrating this year when they turn three so I went along with them.

Maybe I'll do it next year with this pink kimono.
It's soooo pretty!

We went to Zenshuji in Little Tokyo. It was a bright sunny day♪

I don't think this priest was Japanese, but he was muttering Japanese, I think.

Pink gift from Sanrio, a bag of candy and a good luck charm! What more can I ask for?

Picture with my mom☆

...and with my dad☆

And of course, with my good friends!

Don't forget her, too.

Nice bright day to be outside!!

...with my Little Sis!

I heard there would be some candies. Where are they?

Picture with my Grandma and my Little Sis.

Seriously, someone better tell me where I should look for those candies!

I'm going to look for them!!!

Should I tell Koto about this long pink (red) and white candies called Chitose Ame traditionally given to the children celebrating Shichi-Go-San? They are called "Thousand year candy" and are thin and long to wish for longevity. But wait! This was given to me because I'm celebrating Shichi-Go-San.....

Oops! Another photo ops! Our parents sure took a lot of pictures today.

One last picture with the four of us.

Happy Shichi-Go-San, everyone!

We celebrated with these delicious cakes from new French Japanese bakery in Santa Monica. Yum!!

I got to eat some Cheese cake, too. Hurray!!

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