Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year, Daddy was Captain Hook (Vader), Koto was Tinkerbell, Mommy was Kumojyaky, and I was Cure Blossom!!

Kumojyaky is a villain from Precure, my favorite Japanese Cartoon!

Cure Blossom saves everyone's hearts by fighting against Kumojyaky and other People from the Desert (villains).

Thanks to Grandma and Lala from Japan, I got the hand-made outfit for this Halloween!

I found three little evil pigs. I must fight their evilness and make them happy and cheery again!

I'm after all the candies my sister is collecting. They will be all MINE!!

Oh no! Purecure got captured by Captain Hook Vader!

I'm getting away before they catch.....shoot! The Red one got me!
Got fooled by all those candies.

Happy Halloween! Hope we won't end up looking like them...

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