Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some Random Moments in a Week

Here we are dancing with Daddy. I love anything that has to do with a princess and dancing is one of those things.
Koto loves to join us. We're singing "Ring Around the Rosies" and I gotta say it's a bit cryptic.
But sometimes it's just Daddy and I.
And we finish with dip. What a great evening.
Here we are at Daddy's football game. It started to rain so I went in the car.
Star Wars night is every night at Grandma's house.
Auntie Tiffy is showing us where the turbo lasers on this Imperial AT-AT are hidden. But we already knew where they were.
I'm bringing a light saber when we go trick or treating. It screams "Don't mess with Tinkerbell!"
Koto has very strong hands. That's why she can hold the dangerous part of the light saber and be unfazed by it.
We turned the lights down to make it more dramatic.
"Didn't I say I don't do floors?"
"Thank goodness I'm done. I can dirty something else now."

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