Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We are here at Pumpkin Patch in Moorpark!

Why are we here?


... of these beautiful pumpkins!

What a ride it was!

I'm gonna pick the 'SMALLEST' one so I can carry it home.

I found the perfect size!

Let me take your pictures, Mom!

Second time is the charm.

Which is heavier? Me or this pumpkin?

Cheese!! It's your turn to take my picture, Mom!

I love holding hands with my friend's brother. He's same age as Koto.

Lunch time under the shades. Yum!

Aghh....(I have food in my mouth)!

Do I look like my dad when I make my face like this?

Playing in the sand always requires concentration...


Bah! It's just me!

Need to be in a serious mode...

That wasn't too hard, but got my hands all sandy for some reason.

Climbing up is my specialty.

I was fascinated by this goat-feeding device. How does it work?

Enough thinking. I'd rather ride a mini tractor!

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