Tuesday, October 5, 2010

After the Memorial Service for Tito Joey

We went to a Thai restaurant after the Memorial Service for Tito Joey.

Tito Dante and Uncle Jonathan must have been talking about something funny. This is how Grandpa makes jokes sometimes.

Serenity's Dad, Uncle Ricky and Uncle Matt and Aunty Joanna are enjoying the food. It's almost all gone!


Cousin Anthony is a couple month younger than my big sister, but he sure knows how to chase the girls around!

Our parents TRIED to take some pictures with all the young generation.

Needless to say, the boys started to be restless.

...and you started choking me, sis!

Boys decided to be on the floor!

Cool! I wanna join this group instead of boring girls club.

They said I can join if I can pass the hazing. They want me to steal the license plate of that SUV.

Daddy said Mommy looked like Ellen in this outfit.....I hear she's very funny, but Mommy got mad at dad.

...something is wrong in this family picture.

Oops, I closed my eyes this time!

With Lala and Uncle Ken chan, all of us finally looked straight...kind of.

With Aunty Angela who resembles Eva Mendes.

Who is that?

Maybe Nihao Kai-lan's sister or something.

With Uncle Joey and Lala and her generation.

Serenity and I kinda bonded here. We are both 1 year old, after all.

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