Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LA Zoo with Uncle Ken♪

My favorite uncle is Ken-chan! He came all the way from Japan to see me and Kotomi. I did remember him from when I visited Japan a year and a half ago. He was as gentle and funny as I remembered.

Uncle Ken is taking a family picture of us here.

After this picture, all the animals started sprinting away and scared us so much!

That guy in the ladder in the background scared all the animals with loud noise! He was being scolded by the Zoo people there, but thank god nobody was injured. I became really afraid of these goats for awhile, though.

Well, duh! You almost got run over by this brown one. I don't blame you.

Uncle Ken was like a Prince Charming! He protected and consoled me until I calmed down.

Uncle Ken is my favorite uncle, too! It's my very first time meeting him, but it was great to get to know him. He reminds me of myself when I grow up.

See how gentle these goats are? Listen well to Uncle Ken, Big Sis.

I brushed the goat for the first was very relaxing.

I got to talk with one of the goats!

See? She understands me, too!

There was a mini horsey also. He would have been just right for my size.

Okay, I'll try petting the goats. After all, it is a petting zoo!

Across the street was this Prairie Dog area. You get to be like one!

This Kangaroo seems VERY relaxed...

On the other hand, this Komodo Dragon seems so uptight looking like a statue.

We found our Mom and Dad!! Just kidding!

Even the Zebras were laying down in the shades. It was so hot!

Shhh! The Lion might spot us if we make loud noise. Let's walk by slowly and quietly...


Awww......a Baby Giraffe! We've never seen one this up close!

We are at the park inside the zoo. I finally got to walk all I wanted! Hurray!!

Shh, I'm performing on top of this faux Hippo.

This is so slippery! I love it!!

Wow, I almost slipped! Thank you, Uncle Ken!

After the LA Zoo, we went down to ride the pony!

I'm actually riding this on my own for the very first time.

This guy was helping me get off. I couldn't climb up on my own yet.

Then we went on the Train ride! This was very fun, too!

Oops...looks like I was sleeping through this one.

We're going through the tunnel. When Ken-chan is right beside me, I'm not afraid of the dark!

?!?!?!? That guy scared me, though.

Mom can't take good pictures when she's on the train.

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