Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Times with Lala

I'm so happy to see Lala.

It's just that I just woke up. I'm not even reacting to these delicious crepes.

Feel much better I ate and now I'm fully awake.
Look, Lala! I can do this much better than last time you were here!

Come, let me show you around, Lala!

I brought my "Baby" along, so I'm taking good care of her.

She loves me soooo much!!

Okay, enough pictures! It's getting too bright for my baby.

Lala is great with taking me on the swings.

She's even teaching me how to ride my sister's bike!

We have to do this in secret.... Quick! While she's on the swing!

I'm an airplane!!

Look at me, Lala!

Silly girl, I'll teach you how to ride my bike.

I got my next favorite thing... leaves!

Don't I look like a Tengu ( a supernatural creature found in Japanese folklore)? I do have special power, you see.

With Lala, we went to different cuisine near our house. These are macrobiotic food from the cafe in Culver City.

Scramble Tofu with fake bacon.

Chocolate Banana Cake!! This was really yummy♪

At night, we went to the new Tavern near the Westside Pavillion. Their food ( especially the Beer battered Fish Chips!) was great as well!

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