Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kotomi's 1st Birthday

We celebrated my birthday last month at Musha, but we couldn't update the blog due to our computer being sick and all. I apologize to my future self on behalf of my parents.

While we were awaiting our food, I set my eye on the green drink container.

I'm almost there! Don't you stop me, Grandma.

Isn't that MY sippy cup?

Mom, it's not my birthday! It's Kotomi's!!

Let me show you how to... fly like a bird!

Ah....the moment has flown away.

Raise your hand if you know how old I am!

I know!

What's this???

Weren't you listening, Dad? It's MY birthday, not my sister's!!

Just because I can make my arm invisible, it doesn't mean it's not my birthday!!

Grandma is the wise one, after all.

I must do the dance to show my gratitude.

Happy birthday... ME!!

Seriously.... why does SHE get to eat all the sweets?

Save the best for last! This was sooo delicious!! We had other yummy food on the table, but no one took pictures. For the record, we ate Takotama (Octupus & Yakisoba noodles in the egg omlet), Sweet potato fries, Pork Kakuni (braised pork), Sushi & Sashimi platter, Ebi Mayo (Fried Shrimp in Mayonnaise sauce), and Komatsuna(Japanese Mustard Spinach) Salad. They were all delicious!! Good thing it was my birthday so my family could eat all these good food.

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