Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kotomi's 1st Birthday Party

I got a lovely pink birthday crown made by my talented auntie Tiffy.

She also made me these seashell decorated glittery letters!!

Mom made two huge Chirashizushi with Shrimps and salmon roes on top (I just ate the rice part, though.) She also made some brussels sprouts dish and Pumpkin salad, and Grandma and Grandpa made Salmon dish, Spam musubi and Somen salad. I guess the theme was summer....or ocean.

This was my very first time in the jumper. Well, I can walk, but can't jump yet.

I looked pretty pissed off but that's because I really was peeing in my diaper at the time. Actually, I quite enjoyed this jumper thing. I was just sitting there, but bunch of other kids jumped around and made my area bouncy anyway.

Here, I was told to pick whatever I wanted. They somehow translated into my future profession.

I picked a wooden spoon...

...and a steering wheel (from Wii)
. I guess that means I will run a catering truck someday?

After a long day, my big sister and I opened all the presents while wearing the dresses that Lala sent us. We love you, Lala! We are so lucky Lala has a great taste in fashion.

I love all these presents!! Now I don't have to worry about my clothes and toys for the next year.

I really appreciate everyone celebrating my very first birthday party! Thank you soooo much!!

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