Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Father's Day (continued)

Because our computer got sick, we couldn't update these for awhile. Now it's all fixed!!

Happy (belated!) Father's Day, Daddy!!

This dough is Green Tea flavor. I love Matcha ice cream, so Mommy made this for me... I mean, for Daddy.

Look at this Yoda!

...and Boba Fett!!

We decided to go all Green!! It's very ecological.

Let me taste this one, Daddy. I want to make sure they came out alright.


May I have some, too?

Never mind, I prefer the camera.

After that, we put some tattoo on my arms.

Daddy's look so small on his big arms!

We also went to Nordstrom's Cafe on Father's day for lunch.

That night, we ate dinner at Grandpa's house. Mommy did something very silly (like squeezing the water bottle with full force!) , she's cracking herself up.

Still funny? I don't think so.
Let's eat this delicious pie already.

Daddy and Grandpa got many presents! I helped open these for them!!

Hey, I helped, too!

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