Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Craft Event at the Grove

I found a pole again! I must dance!!

Seriously, this is where we get our materials for the craft.

I'm holding onto my purse, too, just in case it gets stolen. We look like tourists, after all.

Oops, I think I'm holding the scissors upside down.

Mom is so in to it, I can't even tell her how hard it was getting out there.

Tada! Big Pink Heart in the middle is supposed to be me!
Glittery Butterfly is Kotomi, of course.

While my mom and big sis were doing some craft, I was having a blast exploring!

Many great things at the Grove, I don't even know what to call them!

Pretending to clap like the toy monkey...

Wait a minute...are they real girl and a dog??? I really can't tell coz the water seems very real!

Sharing a chocolate cookie after the event...yummy!

I got the cookie dough part, too!

Then again, Big Sis got to hold the bag... No Fair!

Ahhh...the fountain soothes me. I know I shouldn't be mad at my sister. She was just making sure I won't drop the cookie.

For the first time, we are riding the trolley together!

I'm not unhappy, I'm still chewing on the chocolate chip cookie.

Wow, you scared me Mommy!

Again, water always cool me down.

I'm a little afraid of this ride.

But not when you're next to me, Daddy!

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