Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Strawberry Farms

It's so bright I had to close my eyes.

It's so hot I had to scream!!!

I don't know how I got these two lines on my face. 'Thought I was the youngest in this family.

Here's why we came here today. Strawberries.... ugh!

It was more fun to hang out with my peeps, though!

3's company♪♪♪ (We are all 3 years old!)

Suddenly, I felt like I was Peter Pan (which I sometimes say "Peter Man").

K and I have a lot in common. Our younger siblings were born just a week apart!

Look at my beautiful smile♪

We are waving and smiling at the people on the wagon.
(Hence, not looking into the camera)

Meanwhile, I was searching for something to munch on.

Got it!!

I love this mini-tractor...makes me look so grown up!

Okay, who's turn is it to pull the wagon?

I guess you are, R!

Hey, take us in the shade, too.

Oh, I get it! R was preparing us for this picture! She sure knows about the camera and lighting.

Great job, R! Now, I'll take you in the wagon. Where do you want to go?

I'm in my own little world here....


My first pony-ride ever!!

Forgive me for being a little nervous....

I think I got the hang of it now.

This is way better than my Rody at home!!

1 comment:

Lala Gene said...

Momo-chan, Koto-chan,
Hisashi buri ne! Gomen ne, Lala wa shigoto totemo isogashikatta. Yoo wa sukoshi ii hoo desu yo...

Momo-chan, pony ride tanoshikattan desu ka? Lala mo, Mama mo chisai toki pony-ride yattan dayo!

Koto-chan mada chisai kara mada mada pony ride dekinai kedo, mou sukoshi matteitte ne...

Mama to Papa ni yoroshiku ne...Love, Lala