Friday, May 7, 2010

Getty Museum

Today, we are waiting to ride...

...the Tram!!!

Reminds me of being on the train in Japan.

First, we went to the beautiful garden.

Can you spot me???

Speaking of which, I found one of my favorite things in the world.

A pretty ladybug!

Also found many beautiful flowers...

So did I, Sis, don't you forget about me...

Look, the sun started to come out...all because of me!

No, Koto, I think YOU are the sunshine.

Well then, I must show you my smile from above.

Look! I found a pretty girl over there with nice black boots.

Enough talking, I must concentrate with the project at hand.

We found a bunch of interesting books for me to crawl all over.

Here, Big Sis is looking at Lala and I'm staring at Grandma.

I'm trying to look "Super Kewl" here.

I looove doing the same thing as my Big Sis.

Ooooh, I found another book for me to chew on.

Mom, at least I'm looking straight at you!

You don't have to make me feel so bad!!

Oh silly Koto, we still love you soooo much!

Time for us to leave this room. Don't worry, I can clean up after myself!

Pheew! That was exhausting!

...The End!

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