Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello Kitty in Giggles♪♪♪

Our favorite indoor playground, Giggles 'n Hugs.

It was more special today than ever. Not only it was my friend's birthday but because our idol, Hello Kitty was there!

They, of course, have my favorite Purple seesaw... my Cookie Monster tatoo!

The lady was an amazing artist!!

Meanwhile, I am staring at everything since this is my very first time in Giggles.

Should I go for it?

I couldn't resist touching this Japanese Taiko drum. Something in me told me to go for it...

This guy was a pretty good teacher.
He taught my sister to teach me music.

Koto, this is how you use these sticks!

I know, Sis....but I can't resist putting them in my mouth.

I'd rather learn the my left hand.

Hey, I wanna learn the guitar, too!

This is how you pluck it, okay?

No, can't hold the neck like a weapon unless you're playing Heavy Metal music!!!

Fine, then. I guess I'll just sit still.

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