Saturday, April 17, 2010

Inspired by True Events

I drew pictures of my mom and her friend's.

This is what they looked like on Cherry Blossom Festival.

I can vouch for you, Sis! I, too, was there to witness Mom's hair turning blue (I wonder what Daddy did).

Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Times with Grandpa

Cool Koto

Iron Momo

Easter 2010

We came to Aidan's Place for Easter
! And I'm not afraid of Big Bunny anymore♪

What's this Pink Fuzzy thingy on my head???

?!?!? BIG BUNNY!!!!

Grandpa.....I don't think I like him. He's not a REAL bunny!

Must get my calm back by doing arts and crafts. See how my mom made the egg so pretty! I helped glued them into places!!

I got my Cookie Monster Tat done, too! This time, he has a Pink cookie on his hand.

This man (although he seemed to be Nando's age) was very nice, he gave me a nice souvenir.

Here, Grandpa helped me throw the bean bag into the Triangle hole.

Many people (including us, of course) lined up to get some free hot dogs.

Juice and Lemonade were also free.

Hey, did you forget about me???
Let's go to Auntie's house already.

So we ate at Auntie Tiffy's house after hunting for some colorful eggs. Those hams were yummy♪♪♪

She taught me some gardening tips. After all, I did make a mess at her garden while searching for some eggs.

Seriously, what is up with this Pink Bunny Ears (so-I'm-told)? I've already inherited Daddy's Big Ears which suit me just fine.