Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Art Class with Friends

We are squirting colored water, foaming shaving creams and making them into our original art pieces which no one else can tell what they are. Soooo much fun!!

Some of us are showing our moms what they are. Moms like to know what we made are not just a big mess. But really, they should just admire our art, and shouldn't worry too much about the mess and listen to Grandma Bev Bos.

Sometimes, I'd like to take them apart and see how it works.

Sometimes, I feel like being...


"I''m gonna squash your arm if you don't play with me!"

...just as Bo from Spirited Away would say.

Finally, the Switcheroo! (Koto wearing Momo's old clothes and Momo wearing Koto's current clothes)

1 comment:

Lala Gene said...

Eh? Momo-chan to Koto-chan o-youfuku "switch" dekiru no??? Omoshiroi ne!
Lala Gene mo yatte mitai naaa...dekiru kashira...

Lala Gene