Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Koto Moving Forward

My Little Valentines

We came at our usual park, only more dressed up than usual!

Check out my brand-new boots and glasses. They make me look so "Kewl"...

Don't ya think????

Hey, what's up with the strange clouds?

Could it be....a sweet Valentine message from Daddy to Mommy?

Or not. Who is the other J person anyhow?

Maybe Daddy loves himself sooo much, sis.

I don't care who he loves the most as long as Daddy buys me more new shoes!

Who could've thought hanging out in the mall could be so much fun!

It's all about the company you keep.

Got that right, Sis! (Hey, do I look like Daddy or what.)

Momo at the park

The Arboretum

Friday, February 19, 2010

Big, Red, and Furry

Do I know you?

You're pretty comfy...reminds me of my dad's fuzzy arms.

You're not a real Elmo!!! Who are you????

Momoka & Koto's Art

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Calling up Daddy

Art Class with Friends

We are squirting colored water, foaming shaving creams and making them into our original art pieces which no one else can tell what they are. Soooo much fun!!

Some of us are showing our moms what they are. Moms like to know what we made are not just a big mess. But really, they should just admire our art, and shouldn't worry too much about the mess and listen to Grandma Bev Bos.

Sometimes, I'd like to take them apart and see how it works.

Sometimes, I feel like being...


"I''m gonna squash your arm if you don't play with me!"

...just as Bo from Spirited Away would say.

Finally, the Switcheroo! (Koto wearing Momo's old clothes and Momo wearing Koto's current clothes)

Way to Go Saints!

I've been cheering for you guys since I was born!!! I picked my outfit for today just for you, Reggie! Daddy, what's up with your armpit moved too much during the game.

I really don't get the rules, but it sure was fun staring at Daddy jump around and scream while watching the game!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Glee Moment

How to get yourself stuck

Sir Mix A Lot came to my mind...

Sisterly Love

We may not look alike much...

but check it out, Termi-Momo and Koto-3000!

So glad you're next to me....



...lost it!!!

Happy AND surprised

Funny faces x 2

C'est fini