Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

This year, we celebrated Kotomi's birth on a LABOR day!!!

Aunty Tiffy decorated the ceiling...

Grandma made special Blue cake for Kotomi, because her name means the Harp of Ocean!

She also made some Lemon bars and Brownies.

We had a Potluck and many people brought wonderful dishes from all parts of the world...California Rolls, Indian butter chicken curry, Dim Sum, Chirashi zushi, KFC to name a few.  (Sorry, we forgot to take pictures of the main dishes!)

There were lots of babies and their parents....

Many adults who still follow their dreams...

My name was inspired by Ms. K....I hope to grow up to be as beautiful and graceful as she is.

Daddy's friends also stopped by and gave us a wonderful gift!

Some of mommy's friends pretended to be my parents.... hmmm, who could be the father in this picture?

This is the right picture!   ....or is it?

1 comment:

Lala Gene said...

Happy 2nd month birthday!
Koto-chan mo zuibun ookikunatta ne! Ippai otomodachi ga kitte, yokkatta ne!

Hayaku aitai naaa...

Minna ni yoyroshiku ne.

Lala Gene