Thursday, August 20, 2009

My New Favorite Park!

At first, a little wary...

I eased up after seeing many animals and children.  But how come they look bronze and didn't move at all?

"Hey, the water isn't as cold as I thought it'd be!"

Don't you worry, Mom, I'll take your hands for you.

My favorite people in the whole wide world (Kotomi is also in the pix, y'all!)!!!

Phew......this water is COLD!

"This is soooo much fun I just have to make faces!"

A park isn't a park without swings...... Hey, that tickles, Daddy!

Look at all these beautiful playground.  It's gated so it's very safe to play in here.

But this is where I feel the safest.... on top of Daddy.

Don't forget about Kotomi.  But be sure to be quiet around her... she sleeps a lot.

Oops, she's up now!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time to sleep

"... for Shimajiro and Mickey Mouse..."

"G'night, Koto-chan!"

"'cos it's time for me to hang out with my daddy!"

Can you tell...

"What this is?"

"It's my sister's favorite..."

"... character from  Japanese cartoon..."

"It's Dokin-chan!!!"

Kotomi's First Osanpo (Walking)

"I am making sure Kotomi is bundled up...I'm even letting her use my favorite car seat!"(M)

"Wow, u are so fast!!"(K)

"I'm going to be a professional baseball player someday!"(M)

"I'll be cheering you from the background.  Go, Sis!" (K)

"I'm practicing my dexterity... this will be very handy in the future."(M)

Who do we look like?