Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy [Birthday] to you, Mommy!

I sang this song for my mom on her birthday. Whatdya think?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


A while back I posed for TARGET to be in one of their weekly pull out ads. Turns out they put me on the internet when you open you your e-mail. Good times.


For Daddy's birthday, I took him to Disneyland. It was the least I could do for the poor guy. He seemed to need the time off.
In FUTURELAND, Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers fought against some Jedi. Since I'm a huge Star Wars fan, I had to meet Darth Vader and see what he was all about.
I gotta say.......kind of a jerk.

Here Mommy and I anxiously await our turn for the DUMBO ride. There's something so familiar about Dumbo that makes me like him.
He reminds me of someone.....I just can't think who.

With a firm hold on Mommy's arm, I tried to look calm and collected in this picture. I could have done better but it was scary as heck!!!

We're not in this picture so you don't have to look for us. I just wanted to show you what the next ride was. The ever popular TEACUPS.

I took it pretty well. There were times when we spun like crazy. Not bad huh?

There's a reason why I hanging on to mommy for dear life.....

Look at that thing!! I mean come on....what in the world is that? Don't they know that kids like me find things like this horrific and unsettling? However, It's nothing a CHURROS and FROZEN LEMONADE can't cure.

Here we are on the FAIRY TALE boat tour. It was a little slow but it gave me time to recover after seeing that Julia Roberts tunnel thing. Ha...good one.

Here I'm looking at the entrance to IT'S A SMALL WORLD. I hear the animatics are improved and that they have hidden Disney characters in the sets.

There's LILO and STITCH in the Hawaiian part!!!!

I'm on center stage at the Karaoke lounge in the WORLD OF TOMORROW. I can see myself on screen which is AWESOME!!!

Daddy is helping me during a mic check before I sang a Linkin Park song. He looked soo proud.

This is Honda's new robot ASIMO. He's about 5 feet tall and can climb stairs.
It was amazing.

Here Daddy is doing an impression of me that I didn't think was very good but I let it slide.

Luckily at the end of the day MICKEY AND MINI were available for pictures. What a perfect end to a fun and tiring day.

Mommy and I surprised Daddy with these little gifts. It's STITCH as YODA and GOOFY as DARTH VADER. Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!