Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd Birthday!!

Here I am with Bachan and Daddy on my 2nd Birthday.
We're waiting for my friends to arrive.

Mommy got all of us this awesome sesame street interactive bouncy thing. Elmo was the bouncer and only let nice people in the club.

It was a little hot in sesame street. That's why I'm wearing socks.
I can't remember what I'm squinting at but my friend Shuu thought it was funny.
I'm making sure nobody messes with my friend Yuumi. Especially that bumble bee that got dangerously close to us.

Daddy just fell down and took this picture. Here I am pointing at his knee.

I'm waving at two of my friends to come into sesame street.
Now I'm waving at one of them who decided to come in.

Daddy had a hard time taking pictures of us because we kept bouncing around.
Marina and Yuumi wanted to sit on the wall next to me. I always enjoy their company and fashion sense.

Here's the beautiful ANPANMAN cake that Mommy worked soooo hard on. It's surrounded with strawberries. I couldn't wait to eat it.

Here he is in all of his pre-eaten glory. are amazing!

I blew out my candles and made a wish.

In this picture of my Uncle Ken, Mommy, and Lala, my wish came true. What a perfect day. Thank you everybody.

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Lala Gene said...

Momo-chan no tanjoubi kai sugoku tanoshitta yo!
Ippai tomodachi ga kitte kurete yokkatta ne!
Tsugi no tanjoubi, tanoshimini ne...