Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd Birthday!!

Here I am with Bachan and Daddy on my 2nd Birthday.
We're waiting for my friends to arrive.

Mommy got all of us this awesome sesame street interactive bouncy thing. Elmo was the bouncer and only let nice people in the club.

It was a little hot in sesame street. That's why I'm wearing socks.
I can't remember what I'm squinting at but my friend Shuu thought it was funny.
I'm making sure nobody messes with my friend Yuumi. Especially that bumble bee that got dangerously close to us.

Daddy just fell down and took this picture. Here I am pointing at his knee.

I'm waving at two of my friends to come into sesame street.
Now I'm waving at one of them who decided to come in.

Daddy had a hard time taking pictures of us because we kept bouncing around.
Marina and Yuumi wanted to sit on the wall next to me. I always enjoy their company and fashion sense.

Here's the beautiful ANPANMAN cake that Mommy worked soooo hard on. It's surrounded with strawberries. I couldn't wait to eat it.

Here he is in all of his pre-eaten glory. are amazing!

I blew out my candles and made a wish.

In this picture of my Uncle Ken, Mommy, and Lala, my wish came true. What a perfect day. Thank you everybody.

Family Portrait ( - Daddy)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Los Angeles Zoo

Here we are at the L.A. Zoo. There were plenty of signs that said "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS", so Daddy was starving.
This isn't a real cow, but it's a mosaic representation of where 1% milk comes from.
This is what the animals see when they look at us for help and want to be freed. When I was a baby in my crib I totally felt the same way.

I'm showing Daddy where the flamingos are. He doesn't like them because they are taller than him. Notice the serious face.
The merekats are an observant bunch. This little guy is checking out a little fender bender on the 5 freeway.

They don't have much room to play but they make the best of it.

Here Daddy gave me a boost so we could see the hippos in the corner.
The hippos were massive and stinky......but I don't judge.

This tiger was about 70 feet away from us, but thanks to the digital zoom on our camera, it looks like it was only a few feet away.

There's a Daddy joke here somewhere......but I can't put a finger on it.

Here's Mommy and I taking a break from all our worries. It sure helped a lot.

My favorite animal of the day was the giraffe.

Mommy liked the giraffes as well.

Here I'm telling the giraffe to give me a ride home.

The lioness was pretty. She stayed out of the sun and looked at us for a long time.

The Lion roared a lot and looked very hungry. Time to go home everybody.

The zebras were cute and posed for the camera.

At the end of the day, I strapped in my stroller and thanked the animals for a fun time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ohanami -Admiring Cherry Blossums

It is part of the Japanese tradition to admire the cherry blossums while eating wonderful food.

Wonderful food as in Onigiri (rice ball)!! I love mine with Salmon.

After we finished eating, we went for a nice stroll.

I wanted to get closer to the cherry blossums, so Daddy had to help me.
It was really nice of him.

But then, I had the urge to walk all by myself. What can I say? I'm almost 2, so I can pretty much do anything!!

See what I mean?

I know how to use sticks now. I can almost master using chopsticks, too!

Dandelions and sticks....what a beautiful combination!

Here, I'm making sure Daddy won't run off to the edge of the lake. It's quite dangerous if you fall.

I could jump... trust me.

I love horses!! They are such gentle creatures. I just didn't feel like getting any closer to this one. I'm respecting it's space, that's all.

I can drink by myself now.

In fact, I can just use one hand.

Better yet, let's try something new here...

Pretty good, isn't it?

We went across the bridge to...
...get to the playground, of course!!
What's that over there???

My favorite, swings!!!

I also love this green rock climbing thingy!
Here, I'm asking Daddy to come inside through the gate. I'm sure he can, cuz he's so athletic, whatever that means.

Today was so much fun, Daddy!

I'm still so excited!!!
I can show you my move!!

Gooood 'night!!!