Friday, March 6, 2009

Playdate with Grandpa

Grandpa sure knows how to swing!

Soooo EXCITING!!!!

On the contrary, See-saw is relaxing...

But my butt started to hurt a bit.

This isn't a real dynosaur? Wow, I never knew that.

Secret entrance to the castle....

This is tougher than you think.

Once I got through the entrance...

There's another one.

Let's check out the inside walls.

I found a really nice bridge.

Not so nice when I squat down, though.

Aha! This is much better. Come over here, if you like.

1 comment:

Lala Gene said...

Hi again, Momo!
I love seeing you on the swing! You seem to be having great fun! Isn't it great to have grampa and granma around? They seem to be enjoying themselves as well!
Please give them my love, o.k.?
Lala Gene