Friday, March 6, 2009

My favorite athlete

Grandpa, Grandma and I were watching intensely at...

Who else? My Daddy!!!
He and his friend, Uncle Pat, were practicing at the park near our house.

So of course, my friend, Izzy was there! She's quite a thrower, I tell you.
I think Daddy was inspired by how good Izzy was... He wasn't that bad, either.
But he is really fast at running!!!

Nice catch, Daddy! (not so good photographer is, my mom.)

So mom had to practice taking pictures on someone who moves much slower.

Izzy is pretty fast, too, so....

We held hands together to keep the same pace.

Izzy's mom looked just like my mom... I heard Izzy's becoming a big sister soon, too. We have so much in common, but I wish I could throw a ball like Izzy. Here, she's coaching me how NOT to throw a ball like a girl.

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Lala Gene said...

Hi Momo,
I loved seeing the great athlete (your Dad!) play football (that WAS football, right? even though I didn't see a team...) Anyway, I'm glad your friend Izzy is going to be a big sister, too. Well, guess what, aside from becoming a big sister yourself, You are going to have a Second cousin here in Tokyo as well! Your Aunt Yumi-chan is going to have a baby in October and you and your baby sister will have more playmates. Aoi-chan is soooo excited as well. Don't forget her, ne. She's waiting for you to come and visit again!

Love, Lala Gene