Sunday, February 22, 2009

Superball Weekend

This day was very special.

Not because I took this awesome picture with my dad....

Not beause we were at the Railroad Museum in Griffith Park...

It was my good friend Yuumi's 2.1 birthday party!!!

Since she was born on a New Year's day, her parents threw her a party a month later so many of her friends can be there at this awesome place!

Of couse we took a ride on the train.

I enjoyed the ride a lot, but mom took this horrible picture (what was she thinking?). I just wasn't in the mood to be taken pictures of, I swear.

The party was rocking cuz I got to hang with my peeps...

AND Yuumi's mom is like, a superstar!!! Here, she's teaching me how to roll the plate on a stick. Not bad for my first time, I say.

I got so excited.....

My pants came off!?! WTH??? Was David Blaine nearby?

No, it probably was Yuumi's mom's little trick again. Here, she is juggling 3 balls at the same time! AMAZING!!!

That was THE Best, most enjoyable birthday party EVER!!!

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Lala Gene said...

Ookikunatta ne...! Yuumi-chan mo ookikunatta ne.

Yuumi-chan no tanjoobi party itta no? Tanoshii party datta ne...Momo-chan no tanjoobi mo mou sigu desu ne. Lala Gene ai ni ikun da yo...mattete ne....

Lala Gene