Thursday, February 26, 2009

Afternoon Tea at JANM

Every third Thursdays of the month is a free admission day at Japanese American National Museum!

So a bunch of us got together to have an elegant afternoon tea at Chado Tearoom located right at the site as well.

This is their main tea course for just $18! This set is actually for 2 people (to save room on the table for us - how considerate of them!), and this tower came with 8 sandwiches, 2 scones with strawberries and cream, jam on the second tier, and the third tier was 2 different deserts and 2 half-moon shaped cookies! Everything was soooo tasty!!

We reserved the table inside at first, but we asked to move to the patio instead. The patio was adjacent to the museum, and had this cold, refreshing water fountain. We were all so mesmerized....some of us almost fell into it.

We also loved the other side of the water. It had fresh green bushes and little white stones on it. It was also a wonderful place to practice jumping. Our moms did not appreciate when we attempted a couple of times, though.

Here, my mom caught me right before I attempted to jump down to the ground.

Wait a minute.... I see something intriguing on the other side.

No, not my boyfriend, Shu, but right behind him!

I had to get close to it and found out for myself. It looks like a raccoon but it has this huge round thingy between its legs. Mom said that's a typical Japanese raccoon.

After the tea, my BFF, Yuumi, and I went to the museum together with our moms. Our encounter with the huge raccoon tickled our curiousity so we wanted to know more about our culture.

Wait up! I'm carrying both of our stuff in the bag, y'know.

I found a good spot to sort our things out. Don't you come in 'till I'm done!

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Lala Gene said...

Hi Momo,
I Loved all your latest pictures and especially the video clip where you were pulling the table. Omotakatttan desu ka? Momo-chan, tsuyoi ne!

Kinoo Ohinasama no hi datta no yo. Momo-chan to Mama no koto omoidashita no yo. Nanka surun desu ka? Tanoshindeitte ne!

Lala Gene