Sunday, January 25, 2009


On our second in Japan we met up with Grandpa...I mean... Papa Yuji to exchange our U.S. dollars to yen.
Papa Yuji works at ING DIRECT TOKYO and it was in the same hotel we were staying. We met his co-workers and took a small tour of his office. It was casual friday.

Papa Yuji took us to the currency exchange place which was only a few blocks away. I heard Daddy saying the Yen had the US dollar in a headlock and was punching it in the stomach. I didn't get it.

Here is a perfect example of the cool streets in Tokyo. Narrow but full of neat little shops and places to eat.

I know what you're thinking....this can't be a McDonalds. But this one was awesome and had great food and service. Look at how clean and futuristic it is. I loved the fries and Daddy loved his teriyaki burger.

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