Sunday, January 25, 2009


The train system in Japan is very efficient but fast paced. You shouldn't dilly dally. Get in, get out, and thank God you made it in one piece. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it looked that way from the stroller.

Akihabara had every kind of electronic equipment you could think of. The craziest thing was that it was all 5 years ahead of America.
I saw things there that I dare not speak of.

Here we are at a Kaiten sushi place. That means there's a conveyor belt with all kinds of sushi, salads, fruits, vegetables, teas, and snacks.

Lala got a salad and tea along with some tuna and fuits. I was full after the conveyor belt went around 3 or 4 times.

Here Lala and I are getting ready to leave Akihabara. She bought an ALL region Dvd player so I could watch ANPANMAN all the time with her. Isn't that sweet of her?


The garden at our hotel was amazing. In this picture you can see where we had breakfast. It's those windows that overlook the pond and garden. After a great breakfast we had to walk in the garden.
Here Mommy and I walk by the rock garden and little pagoda area. It has just rained so it was crisp and everything was soooo clean.

I love the way Mommy holds me. I'm always safe with her.

Daddy took me by the bridge where you could see all of the pretty koi and...........

This Godzilla-like yellow fish was huge. It was at least 4 1/2 feet long and bright yellow. All of the other fish stayed out of it's way. Everyone stopped to look at it. I think it made them hungry.

This is the back section of the garden that led to a pond and rock steps. Deep inside the garden was a very expensive sushi restaurant. It was hidden by the trees.


On our second in Japan we met up with Grandpa...I mean... Papa Yuji to exchange our U.S. dollars to yen.
Papa Yuji works at ING DIRECT TOKYO and it was in the same hotel we were staying. We met his co-workers and took a small tour of his office. It was casual friday.

Papa Yuji took us to the currency exchange place which was only a few blocks away. I heard Daddy saying the Yen had the US dollar in a headlock and was punching it in the stomach. I didn't get it.

Here is a perfect example of the cool streets in Tokyo. Narrow but full of neat little shops and places to eat.

I know what you're thinking....this can't be a McDonalds. But this one was awesome and had great food and service. Look at how clean and futuristic it is. I loved the fries and Daddy loved his teriyaki burger.


This pic was taken when we first landed in Japan and found our way to the bus that would eventually take us to our hotel. It was 30 degrees and I can't remember what time it was. We were all a bit disorientaled.


On the way to the Asakusa-Sensouji Temple, I noticed a leaf and had to stare at it for what seemed like minutes.

Here I am with Lala Genie at the temple. I woke up from a power nap after lunch.

The outer temple was magnificent.

Here I am with Mommy and Lala. I'm still a little out of it but it's starting to make sense now.

I'm near one of the vendors who sells plush robotic dogs.
Japanese technology is great.

Lala is showing me how it works.

Daddy wanted to buy the Ninja outfit for himself....but it was too big for him.

Here I am being a big girl in the subway station down the stairs. It's not as easy as it looks.


When I watch T.V. I like to keep Shima chan (Left) or Anpanman (upside down Right) next to me.
Sometimes they fight.

So I keep them separated until they cool off......or until a good commercial.

Catching Up

I haven't posted in a while since I've been very busy and let's just face it, life is fast. I'm going to be a big sister in July and I've been helping Mommy as much as I can. These pics are froma birthday party at the LaBrea Tar Pits
Daddy caught me thinking of something sneaky. I think I was plotting to take 5 steps forward with a small step to the right. It was devious I tell you.

Here I am with my best friend Yuumi, looking at a huge statue of a bear.

We tried to climb the statue but it was dangerous.

Yuumi and I always hold hands and take care of each other.

Here we are 5 feet from where we were last holding hands.