Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reading (making up words) Books

☆金豚 (Golden Pig) Christmas Party☆

We are born in the year of Golden Pig☆

We can play in the sandbox...

Ride an airplane...

Enjoy playing with the leaves!!!

Cool helmet, don't you think?

Making a mess is my specialty☆

Papapa mamamama (not a Golden Pig)

Look what I found!

Anpanman Hiragana (Japanese letters) Set!

Now I HAVE to sing to celebrate!!!

Please twist your head to the right to enjoy my singing.

Momoka's Future Profession

Fun Time with Daddy at CPK

Balloon Obsession

Funny Face

Giggles and lots of Fun!!

Ho ho ho~!


Pretty trees on the counter

There are lots of kids today of course!

I love this ride☆

Party in Da Haus, y'all!

Wow, my legs have gotten much longer than the last time I was here.

After one of the most scrumptious lunch, I'm staring at....

Big Guy with some nifty fingers!!

He may look like King Pin, but he was very talented Balloon Man.

He even made me my favorite Princess, Cinderella♪♪♪

I even lucked out with getting a gift full of Mickey Mouse sweets!


White Christmas in Beverly Hills

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Where the castle used to be...

Today, we went to the park closest to Grandma's, but something's different.

It used to be a castle there, but now...

Brand new...

Play area!!!

I was a little hesitent, so I took out my usual gear, HK bucket and a shovel, and headed to my usual spot instead.

What are you going to do, sis?

Say what?

No fair, sis. You always get to play with....

...wait, who is that????

Oh, it's Daddy! You got me scared out of my wits for a second.

Don't worry, Little Sis. Now eat your lunch I made especially for you.

Do I have to?

Hey, that was pretty good! Gimme some more please!!!