Sunday, July 20, 2008


So there's this new thing called "Shopping" that Mommy has been telling me about. We took Daddy with us and showed him what it's all about.
Here I am with Daddy after getting some new shoes from the GAP.
I get to hold the bag.

I was thinking about getting these glasses but I rather go to college for the same price.

I was kind of liking this hat but I didn't really grow on me. I'll sleep on it and see if I want it tomorrow.

Not a bad stash for today. There's always tomorrow at the MALL.

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Lala Gene said...

Ii na, Momo-chan, o-kaimono-shite. Kawaii kutsu (pink and blue) katte moratte ne. Shaiwase da yo. Kondo, Lala Gene mo tsurete itte ne?

Nihon kuru no wo, tanoshimi ni shiteiru yo. Lala Gene no kami no ke, sukoshi zutsu haite kiteiru yo. Soro-soro, sasshin okuru kara ne; sou suru to, Lala Gene no kao oboete kureru ka na?

Mama to Papa ni yoroshiku ne!

Lala Gene