Friday, May 30, 2008

Yellow? CYHMN?

Look what I found.....
I'm so excited!!!

Can you hear me now?
How about now?

Wow, that sounds wonderful, but I'm just not interested in your products. Thanks for calling, though. You have such lovely voice.

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lalagene said...

Hi Momoka,
Nice yellow phone! This means we'll be able to talk to each other soon, right? Talking on the phone means you can be heard all the way from LA to Japan! Isn't that neat?

Kami no ke mo nobita ne.Karada mo sugoi genki desu ne. Momo-chan wa dandan dandan sei mo takakunatteiru kara, soro-soro Lala Gene to onaji gurai natchau yo. Mama to Papa ni yoroshiku ne...

Lala Gene