Monday, April 28, 2008

1st Birthday with Daddy!

I had another birthday party this week because Daddy wanted to throw me a party, too. He made Mommy pick this dress for me to match his VINTAGE Star Trek T-shirt. Here I thought Star Wars Fans and Star Trek Fans hated each other, but I digress...

I had my very first Hello Kitty Birthday Cake (that I wasn't allowed to eat again)!!!

I had to demonstrate my newly acquired ability to movie producers and directors....

'Twas tiring, but I don't mind getting closer to my favorite Auntie Mary.

I don't mind being held by a Jedi Master either....wait, he's waving his hand and mumbling something to me .... Yes, I do not mind being held by the Jedi Master and his lovely wife....

Pretty in Pink with Mommy.... I'm way prettier than Molly Ringwald, don't ya think?

Oh Daddy, must you hold me like that?! I look like I don't have a neck just like Jabba the Hut. But I fogive you only because you threw me a wonderful party and because Mommy told me to.

Thank you everyone for coming!

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lalagene said...

You are so pretty in pink. That dress is really dainty--and you look like a PRINCESS!

I loved seeing your pictures and your headband is really cute! I so look forward to visiting your blog all the time!

Lala Gene