Monday, March 24, 2008


Here we are at Uncle Pat's house with cousin Izzy. She's 3 months older than me and an old childhood friend of mine.

Here Uncle Pat is explaining to me how a movie is edited and how the musical score can be used for tension, foreshadow, excitement or just as an ambient feel good vibe. I tend to agree with him since I've seen sesame street and the music is sooooo intense that I can always tell when Elmo is going to come out and play.

Cousin Izzy and I play well together. We speak the same language and totally get each other. Here she is sharing her toys with me.

We're getting pretty tired at this point and were ready for our naps.

Cousin Izzy told me about the lion she was holding and how it fit into a puzzle.
It was most facinating. I think I dreamt about it.

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