Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday In The Park with Momo...

Actually, it was on Tuesday when I went to the park and played for the very first time. I still don't get the whole week or months or days or whatever, so it felt like a nice Sunday afternoon.

Mommy and I have the same haircut.

I can't really walk yet, but I can surely crawl like Casper.
Wait, I'm way better!

R u talking to me? Or to this tall handsome man standing next to me?

Yo, I'm in charge 'ere!!

Look, I can drive better than you!

Fine, you can drive if you insist...

I look outside to make sure no police to pull us over. They might arrest us cuz we r so cute together or for underage driving.

Oops, we'd better hide quick! Someone's coming!

1 comment:

lalagene said...

Hi Momoka,
It's sure nice to see you at the park, enjoying yourself.
Otomodachi takusan tsukutte ne!

Mama mo chisai toki kara koen daisuki datta no..Ippai asondekita no yo!

Be sure to eat well, sleep well and have lots of fun playing, too.

Love, Lala Gene