Monday, July 2, 2007


Mommy got me ready for my first Father's day. This is a special day for Daddy.
Mommy and I made hand and feet prints for Daddy's card. He loved it. He also wondered why my fingers were red earlier that morning.
Mommy and I got this LEGO STAR DESTROYER for Daddy. By the looks of it he liked it a lot. Aunty Tiffy and Uncle Phil got Daddy that card that looks a lot like him. Daddy is pointing on the age level that the LEGO system is for. He just made it.
Aunty Tiffy and Uncle Phil got this OPTIMUS PRIME super poseable action figure for Daddy. Everytime I see it, it's in a different pose.
Here I am waving at the camera on Father's day. Sometimes I have to humor Daddy.
Here's my response to Daddy when he asked me if I wanted to help him build his LEGO system. Thanks, but NO THANKS.
When I get out of that car seat, I love to stretch. It feels so good to be out of that cramped car seat.

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