Sunday, July 22, 2007


I sure have come a long way from this. I think I was in Mommy's belly about 6 months when this ultra sound was taken. I posed for the camera way back then.
And here I am 3 months old and getting bigger. I'm over 10 lbs. now and the Dr. is very pleased with my progress. I still have to get shots which is terrible but it will help to keep me safe. Thank God I won't remember the pain of the shots.
This is my action figure pose. If there was a toy of me, it would look like this and come with accessories like a full diaper, empty bottles, and a dino buddy.
This is my zen pose. I worked very hard at it which defeats the purpose if it being zen and what not. Still, it was fun getting to that peaceful place in my mind. My Daddy's peaceful place is a comic book store.
Sometimes I like to take a minute from my daily festivities and ponder very important things such as, is this 5 point safety harness as durable as it looks and is the carbon fiber reversible attachments up to code with federal standards that should be enforced every year to keep little people like me safe from danger and the common cold.
Then I have moments like these where I couldn't care less about federal safety regulations and the people who instigate them. All I care about is........what is that thing on the ceiling?
This is one of my favorite shirts from Auntie Tiffy. She made it especially for me and it has my name on it with a great big peach. I love it soooooo much. Mommy says I'm narcissistic just like Daddy. It think it means cute.
Here I am playing in my favorite shirt.
Here I am sneezing in my favorite shirt.
And here I am after a long day of smiling. This concludes the photo shoot for today. I will now take off my make up, comb my hair, and poop in my sleep.

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