Thursday, July 5, 2007


Can you believe I'm 11 weeks old? What does that even mean? Well, Mommy and Daddy just told me that news and it's amazing or something. I just smile and look back at them in agreement. I'll argue with them more when I'm 13.
Life is great. I can see better, I smile more......for no reason, I drool more, I play with Mommy and Daddy more, and then they had to get bigger diapers because I also eat more.
There's always time in the day to reflect on the past few seconds that have gone by. My memory isn't that great yet but I love to reflect. Did I mention I love to reflect?
Sometimes Daddy will take a picture of me when I least expect it. I almost punched him in the face as an instinctive response. Thank God I was able to pull my punch as you can see in this picture. That was a close one.
This is my favorite Om Girl baby T from Auntie Tiffy. It's soooo comfortable and I stretch like the little Buddha. Everything Auntie Tiffy gives me makes me happy, especially this one since I haven't pooped on it.......yet.
Daddy caught me with me tongue out again.
Now Daddy is sticking his tongue out at me. It's funnier when I do it.
Daddy is telling me a joke.
This is my reaction to the punchline. It's ok, he's use to it.

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