Saturday, May 19, 2007


Here I am with Daddy on the couch. He let's me watch Battlestar Galactica with him. It's pretty good. There's good character development and a lot of twists and turns. That's good I think. Plus, the cast is really dedicated to their work. The best part is how the entire show is filmed like a war documentary. It's a lot for a little kid like me to take in while I digest. Check out my Daddy's BATTLESTAR blog HERE.
When Battlestar is over, Daddy usually discusses the show with me. He makes good points and it's hard to argue since I don't know a whole lot yet. When you're only 4 weeks old, everything sounds right to you. All I know is that I'm hungry.
Daddy is discussing a few important things with me here and I love to sit and listen. Today's topic is cell phone use and it's many benefits.
I used Daddy's cell phone to call Mommy and order take out. Thank God she was only in the other room.
Then Daddy let me use his bluetooth to call Auntie Tiff. It was 2pm on a Saturday so she wasn't up yet but I tried to leave a message.
Now it's time to watch my favorite Japanese Cooking Show with Mommy and Daddy. We all get soooo hungry while we watch. I think Japanese food is I hear.

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