Friday, May 25, 2007


This is the spectacular view from my Pediatricians office from the 8th floor in Little Tokyo. You can see City Hall in the background. When Griffith park was on fire, the smoke looked very scary.
Here I am being weighed and measured. Moments earlier, I peed and pooped in Daddy's hand when he carried me from the weight scale to the table. I was totally naked since I was being weighed. Daddy kinda knew it was coming. I must have peed and pooped for about 15 seconds or so on Daddy's hand and watched it drip down his wrist, arm, and off of his elbow, then onto the ground. Daddy handled it pretty well while Mommy and the nurse just laughed. Daddy must really love me because he got a kick out of it as well.
Here I am with Mommy and Dr. George Nakashima. My Daddy and Dr. George played basketball against each other years ago. I like Dr. George because he's very gentle with me and he answers all of our questions and really takes his time with us.
Here's my weekly mug shot. Daddy takes a picture of me at the end of every week to see how much I grow and change. Hey, if you got the it.
Here I am just being charming. This pose is for my Auntie Varda and Uncle Bob. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be breathing clean fresh air.
Mommy likes to put me on the couch and talk to me. Usually we watch Oprah together and then take a nap. Sometime Dr. Phil is on and I get really drowsy. Dr. Phil is my AMBIEN.
I love Mommy and the way she takes care of me. Look at how nice she is to me and the way she makes sure I'm always warm. I'm sooooo lucky to be her daughter. Daddy's ok too.

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