Friday, May 11, 2007


In this pic I'm telling my Auntie Tiffy,
"'re my Auntie Tiffy, I've heard of you."
I think she got it.
Auntie Tiffy gave me a bunch of great clothes to wear. She's the reason why I stay soooo warm at night. I started listening to LINKIN PARK because of her. I'm only a few weeks old but LINKIN PARK really puts a lot of work into their music with original sounds and scores. My Auntie Cara makes fun of Daddy because he likes them. Bye the way, LINKIN PARK'S new album MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT drops next Tuesday (5/15/07). Click HERE to pre-order yours today. Yay, my first pre-order ever!
Auntie Tiffy sure can hold a bottle. She keeps it in my mouth and everything. She use to take care of my Daddy and fed him as well..........and she's 2 years younger than him.
Everyone loves to crowd around and look at me with loving eyes. Except for that awkward looking kid with the black shirt. He's a hater.
This is my great grandmother. We all call her Bachan. She raised everyone in the house. She knows a lot about babies and how to hold them. My Daddy always talks about how much he loves Bachan and how good she was to him and Auntie Tiffy. Bachan makes me feel safe. As long as she keeps that awkward kid away from me. He crowds my cuteness.
I love this picture of me and Bachan.
I'm pretty lucid because Auntie Tiffy just fed me.

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