Friday, May 25, 2007


This is the spectacular view from my Pediatricians office from the 8th floor in Little Tokyo. You can see City Hall in the background. When Griffith park was on fire, the smoke looked very scary.
Here I am being weighed and measured. Moments earlier, I peed and pooped in Daddy's hand when he carried me from the weight scale to the table. I was totally naked since I was being weighed. Daddy kinda knew it was coming. I must have peed and pooped for about 15 seconds or so on Daddy's hand and watched it drip down his wrist, arm, and off of his elbow, then onto the ground. Daddy handled it pretty well while Mommy and the nurse just laughed. Daddy must really love me because he got a kick out of it as well.
Here I am with Mommy and Dr. George Nakashima. My Daddy and Dr. George played basketball against each other years ago. I like Dr. George because he's very gentle with me and he answers all of our questions and really takes his time with us.
Here's my weekly mug shot. Daddy takes a picture of me at the end of every week to see how much I grow and change. Hey, if you got the it.
Here I am just being charming. This pose is for my Auntie Varda and Uncle Bob. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be breathing clean fresh air.
Mommy likes to put me on the couch and talk to me. Usually we watch Oprah together and then take a nap. Sometime Dr. Phil is on and I get really drowsy. Dr. Phil is my AMBIEN.
I love Mommy and the way she takes care of me. Look at how nice she is to me and the way she makes sure I'm always warm. I'm sooooo lucky to be her daughter. Daddy's ok too.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today when my Mommy was changing me, she told me I was exactly four weeks old. I couldn't believe it. Not to mention I had no idea what she was talking about, as you can see by the expression on my face. Ironically, there was something 3 minutes old in my diaper for her.
Daddy got me the new LINKIN PARK album for turning 4 weeks old. The music is fantastic and the lyrics really speak to my soul. One of my favorite songs called "Leave out all the rest" has a great line that goes, "When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done, help me leave behind some, reasons to be missed." Dang, that's deep. I wouldn't expect any less from Linkin Park.
Sometimes I like to sing along and scream like Chester from Linkin Park. It makes me feel good and it helps to keep the pipes clean.
Finally a picture with my Daddy. He looks like a extra from that T.V. show "LOST". That beard wasn't there yesterday. He can grow that thing after 5 diaper changes.
Sometimes Daddy likes to talk to me and hold me close to his chest. That way I can get a better look at him and see what I'll look like if I was bald.
Here I am with Grandma. She takes really great care of me and I am totally at ease with her. My little arms and feet are very relaxed and I get really sleepy. It's a nice place to be.
I look like a little android baby in this picture. I'm the new Terminator baby only armed with an arsenal of cuteness. It's quite scary indeed.
These next set of pic are just me being me. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Here I am with Daddy on the couch. He let's me watch Battlestar Galactica with him. It's pretty good. There's good character development and a lot of twists and turns. That's good I think. Plus, the cast is really dedicated to their work. The best part is how the entire show is filmed like a war documentary. It's a lot for a little kid like me to take in while I digest. Check out my Daddy's BATTLESTAR blog HERE.
When Battlestar is over, Daddy usually discusses the show with me. He makes good points and it's hard to argue since I don't know a whole lot yet. When you're only 4 weeks old, everything sounds right to you. All I know is that I'm hungry.
Daddy is discussing a few important things with me here and I love to sit and listen. Today's topic is cell phone use and it's many benefits.
I used Daddy's cell phone to call Mommy and order take out. Thank God she was only in the other room.
Then Daddy let me use his bluetooth to call Auntie Tiff. It was 2pm on a Saturday so she wasn't up yet but I tried to leave a message.
Now it's time to watch my favorite Japanese Cooking Show with Mommy and Daddy. We all get soooo hungry while we watch. I think Japanese food is I hear.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Here I am resting in Grandpa's arms. I feel very safe with him. I always feel like eating dessert when I'm around him. He's a great chef and I can't wait to get some teeth, a stronger neck, and be able to hold a fork so I can eat some of his awesome creations. I also want to go fishing with him and my Daddy someday. Maybe he can name a pie after me. Momo-pie (peach pie) sounds yummy to me.

I Still Love Technology

Daddy took this picture of me with his cell phone. Sometimes he talks into it and sometimes he points it at me. He had it on the "Cute" setting and I guess it came out perfectly. I have to admit, this technology thing is all so new to me. I guess that's why it's called technology.
Daddy took this pic of me on our new couch that folds out into a bed. It's really comfortable and I almost pooped on it yesterday. It's hard to control since I'm on a liquid diet and all. It could be could be atkins or something.

Friday, May 11, 2007


In this pic I'm telling my Auntie Tiffy,
"'re my Auntie Tiffy, I've heard of you."
I think she got it.
Auntie Tiffy gave me a bunch of great clothes to wear. She's the reason why I stay soooo warm at night. I started listening to LINKIN PARK because of her. I'm only a few weeks old but LINKIN PARK really puts a lot of work into their music with original sounds and scores. My Auntie Cara makes fun of Daddy because he likes them. Bye the way, LINKIN PARK'S new album MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT drops next Tuesday (5/15/07). Click HERE to pre-order yours today. Yay, my first pre-order ever!
Auntie Tiffy sure can hold a bottle. She keeps it in my mouth and everything. She use to take care of my Daddy and fed him as well..........and she's 2 years younger than him.
Everyone loves to crowd around and look at me with loving eyes. Except for that awkward looking kid with the black shirt. He's a hater.
This is my great grandmother. We all call her Bachan. She raised everyone in the house. She knows a lot about babies and how to hold them. My Daddy always talks about how much he loves Bachan and how good she was to him and Auntie Tiffy. Bachan makes me feel safe. As long as she keeps that awkward kid away from me. He crowds my cuteness.
I love this picture of me and Bachan.
I'm pretty lucid because Auntie Tiffy just fed me.


Here I am on my way to the pedia....pediatri......doctors office. The car seat doesn't annoy me as much any more. Daddy's got the hang of it now and he can pop me in and out like a Nascar pit crew.
Sometimes I get fussy because there isn't much to look at. I rather see where we're going instead of where we've been. Mommy says I can face forward when I'm 2.
Here I am thinking about stuff. This is also the same face I make before Daddy changes my diaper.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunday, May 6, 2007


I'm not a big fan of this car seat but it keeps me safe. It's a little cramped but Daddy seems to lock me in pretty well and Mommy always keeps me company in the back seat. Driving backwards makes me poop.....a lot......for no reason at all. It's quite amazing.
Here I am enjoying a quiet moment to myself, relaxing with my thoughts. My Omgirl shirt from my Auntie Tiffanie always puts me at ease. I hope I never poop on it....or worse.
This is my best impression of John Goodman. I don't even know who he is but I got it nailed.
More pondering moments in the car seat.
It appears dinner is almost ready and Mommy is making her way over to me. I make it a point to feed with Mommy every 2 hours or so. I have to work hard for that milk and it makes me sleep about 4 hours....whatever that means.


I was going to write a commentary about these pics but my little hands are tired from swinging at nothing and grabbing things. I'll get back to it later.